Combined Hormonal Contraception

FSRH Clinical Guideline: Combined Hormonal Contraception (January 2019, Amended July 2019)

01 February 2019

This guidance provides evidence-based recommendations and good practice points for health professionals on the use of combined hormonal contraceptives (i.e. the combined oral contraceptive pill, transdermal patch and combined vaginal ring) currently available in the UK. It is intended for any health care professional or health service providing contraception or conception advice in the UK.

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FSRH CEU Guidance: Combined Hormonal Contraception Quick Reference Summary (January 2019)

01 January 2019

This summary has been written as a quick reference guide to help busy clinicians to give clear, safe advice on combined hormonal contraception (CHC). Please refer to the full 2018 FSRH CHC Clinical Guideline for further information and evidence for this advice. This document is written for FSRH members and requires you to log in to access it.

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FSRH CEU Guidance: Recommended Actions after incorrect Use of Combined Hormonal Contraception (e.g. late or missed pills, ring and patch) (March 2020)

16 March 2020

This document provides guidance on incorrect use of: combined oral contraceptive pills, the combined vaginal ring, and the combined transdermal patch. The guideline was developed with a team of international experts and has been extensively peer reviewed in accordance with methodology used for developing FSRH Clinical Guidelines. The guidance is intended for use by health professionals working in SRH, general practice and obstetric and gynaecology settings, and can also be used by women using CHC. Download the document here.

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FSRH CEU Statement: Strengthening of Warnings about use of Dianette and other brands of co-cyprindiol (June 2013)

01 June 2013

Following a recent safety review, a letter has been issued to healthcare professionals from the manufacturers of DianetteĀ® and other cyproterone acetate 2 mg/ ethinylestradiol 35 mcg (co-cyprindiol) products. The review by the Pharmacovigilance Risk Assessment Committee (PRAC) of the European Medicines Agency (EMA) followed concerns about the risk of thrombosis associated with co-cyprindiol. With the agreement of the EMA and Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Authority (MHRA), a letter has been issued to raise awareness of the thrombosis risks and the outcome of the review.

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