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FSRH Service Standards on Obtaining Valid Consent in SRH Services - September 2018

26 September 2018

The modernised Service Standards on Obtaining Valid Consent in Sexual and Reproductive Health (SRH) Services include essential updates for healthcare professionals working for and commissioning SRH services. Updates focus on explaining risk to patients, advice and consent for multimedia and education purposes. They also reference a timely potential change in relationship with the European Court of Human Rights at the time of Brexit. Download the full standards here.

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FSRH Service Standards for Risk Management in Sexual and Reproductive Healthcare - Oct 2017

20 October 2017

Risk Management is an approach to improving the quality and safety of health care by identifying circumstances that put patients and staff at risk and acting to prevent or control those risks. The overall aim of any risk management strategy is to make the effective management of risk part of everyday practice. This can only be achieved if there is a comprehensive and cohesive framework in place, underpinned by clear accountability arrangements across the organisation.

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Service Standards for Resuscitation in Sexual and Reproductive Healthcare - August 2016

19 August 2016

Published 2006. Current Version: August 2016 Review date: 2019 This document should be used in conjunction with national guidelines from other relevant professional bodies and locally agreed policies and procedures. It is important that each service identifies the level of equipment and training needed to deal with common emergencies on the basis of a local risk assessment.

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