Recertification Requirements of Diploma (DFSRH)

What is recertification and why is it important?

As a Diplomate member, we require you to recertify your qualification every five years. 

This enables you to:

  • demonstrate the learning outcomes achieved from your Diploma qualification have been maintained

  • show you have the knowledge, skills, attitudes and behaviour needed to provide safe and effective sexual and reproductive health care (SRH)

  • meet the requirements of commissioners, who often require clinicians to have certified qualifications 

  • showcase your competence as a SRH leader with a nationally recognised qualification

  • provide evidence to support your appraisals and revalidation.

Download our Diploma recertification guidance

Which topic areas do I need to cover?

To recertify, you must demonstrate the FSRH Diploma learning outcomes have been maintained and developed.

These include:

  • Anatomy and physiology of male and female reproductive systems

  • Principles of SRH delivery – confidentiality and the law

  • Contraception methods – hormonal, intra-uterine, post-coital, barrier, emergency, fertility awareness methods and surgical

  • Managing fertility/infertility

  • Pregnancy – planned/unplanned

  • Genitourinary medicine – sexually transmitted infections, HIV and AIDs

  • Delivering SRH consultations – equality, diversity, non-judgemental attitude

  • Pyschosexual difficulties – relationship issues and gender identity

  • Sexual assault

  • National screening/vaccination programmes relevant to SRH (e.g. cervical cytology, chlamydia, HPV, rubella)

  • Working with young people.

View a full list of the Diploma learning outcomes.

How can I complete my recertification?

Recertifying your Diploma qualification is very straightforward.

Simply complete the online form for your Diploma recertification (DFSRH/NFSRH). This form is easy to use and we would recommend this option.

If you would prefer, you can also download a paper version, scan and email this to

When do I recertify?

Recertification is due after five years. Your recertification due date will be shared with you once you complete your Diploma. You should apply for recertification not more than six months before your recertification date, and no later than six weeks afterwards.

We will remind you via email six and three months before this is due. You can also find your recertification date in the FSRH members’ area ‘My FSRH’ under 'My completed qualifications’.

What evidence do I need to recertify?

You will need to collect at least 10 credits of Continuing Professional Development (CPD) activity over the past five years.

This activity must be relevant to the Diploma learning outcomes listed above. You must have gained at least 2.5 CPD credits within 24 months of your recertification date.

When will my recertification be confirmed?

On receipt of your application, we will aim to confirm recertification of your Diploma qualification by email no later than five working days.

Is there a charge to recertify?

There is no charge to recertify as this is a benefit included in your annual membership fee. However, you must have paid your membership fee continuously for the five years leading up to recertifying.

If you have not, and wish to recertify, please contact us at or 020 7724 5534 to discuss your options. You will need to pay your backdated membership fees – at current subscription levels (2018’s rate is £104 per year).

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If you have any further questions, you can email us at, or call us on 020 3198 3180 /
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. You can also download our Diploma recertification guidance