Recertification of Membership (MFSRH / FFSRH)

Update about recertification during the COVID-19 Situation

Important information for current members regarding recertification.

If you are due to recertify your Diploma, LoC, MFSRH, or FFSRH qualifications or FRT status this month or during the coming months, we realise that it may be difficult for you to meet all the recertification criteria due to the COVID-19 situation. To support you we have automatically given all our members an extra year to recertify, wherever they are in the recertification cycle.

For example, if you are not due to recertify until the end of February 2023, you will now have until the end of February 2024 to recertify. Anyone who is due for recertification this year will therefore also receive an extra year.

This process will happen automatically but if you are ready to recertify now you will still be able to do this in the usual way following the instructions below.

If your membership has expired, the extra year has not been applied to your qualifications. We will be able to able to apply the extra year if you pay the relevant membership fees.

Why recertify your MFSRH or FFSRH?

It is important that medical professionals have the necessary knowledge & skills to give patients the safe, effective and individual advice that they deserve and need. Recertification supports individuals to demonstrate they have maintained knowledge, skills and standards during their appraisals, with employers and for revalidation. You are expected to recertify your MFSRH or FFSRH every five years from certification. For more information please read this guidance in full.

Recording your CPD

We recommend that you collect and record evidence to support your record of CPD activities within a structured portfolio such as an online CPD diary (if available) or using an Excel spreadsheet and folder. We suggest that activities and reflections are uploaded &/or collated whilst current. Please follow this link for an example spreadsheet that you may wish to use. We also recognise that you have recorded data through other colleges such as the RCOG. The FSRH will accept your RCOG logbook as supporting evidence.

We don’t mandate attendance at our conferences, however, we strongly encourage attendance as an excellent way to gain CPD. 

How to apply for recertifcation 

You are required to self-declare that you have achieved the required CPD via an online form.  You are required to reconfirm you have read and abide by the FSRH Personal Beliefs Guidance. You are not required to provide a record or evidence of your CPD as part of the application. You may however, be requested to provide a record and evidence of your CPD if you are selected for audit.

Before filling in the recertification online form, please have all the relevant information to hand before starting, you will not be able to save the form and then revisit later, the online form must be completed in one sitting. You will also need a stable internet connection while completing the online form.

Useful resources - RCGP's Women's Health Library

Bringing together national guidance, resources produced and accredited by the RCGP, and resources from the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists (RCOG) and the Faculty of Sexual and Reproductive Healthcare (FSRH), the Women's Health Library is a resource relevant to GPs and other primary healthcare professionals.

The Library is divided into four sections for ease of use with the free resources clearly marked:

  • Maternal Health
  • Sexual and Reproductive Health
  • Pre-Menopause
  • Peri/Post Menopause

Access the library here.

Compliments and Complaints

If you have any feedback about our MFSRH and/ or FFSRH, please visit our compliments and complaints page.

FSRH Privacy Policy

The FSRH is committed to protecting your privacy. This Privacy Policy sets out how we collect, use, store and protect any information that you give us, in compliance with the requirements of the Data Protection Laws which are the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) (EU) 2016/679 and the UK Data Protection Act 2018.

Intellectual Property Rights

All intellectual property rights for any FSRH course including documents, materials and content belonging to and produced by the FSRH should not be used for purposes other than FSRH training. Should you wish to use any of the IPR for purposes other than FSRH training you must seek the FSRH’s approval in writing with your request via our copyright request form. We aim to respond to submissions of this nature within one working week.

Personal beliefs guidance

At the time of recertifying your MFSRH or FFSRH, you need to confirm you have read the 6 principles of care as outlined in the “Guidance for those undertaking or recertifying FSRH qualifications whose personal beliefs conflict with the provision of abortion or any method of contraception” and agree to abide by them in practice.

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