Recertification Information

Why Recertify?

It is important that medical professionals have the necessary knowledge & skills to give women the safe, effective and individual advice that they deserve and need. Recertification supports individuals to demonstrate they have maintained knowledge, skills and standards during their appraisals, with employers and for revalidation.

How to recertify

You must recertify your FSRH qualifications every five years. You can apply for recertification by filling in an online form or by downloading, completing and submitting the relevant form by email or post.

Before filling in any of our recertification online forms, please have all the relevant information to hand before starting, you will not be able to save the forms and then revisit later, forms must be completed in one sitting. You will also need a stable internet connection while completing the online forms.

How much does it cost?

As a benefit of the FSRH membership there is no recertification fee for the Diploma, Letters of Competence, Faculty Registered Trainers, or the MFSRH/FFSRH.

There is a recertification fee of £368 per LoC qualification for non-FSRH members.

All other FSRH qualifications require membership. Membership benefits include free recertification, access to our Journal, clinical guidance, webinars, conference discounts and more. For details visit FSRH membership benefits.

Your recertification date

You should apply for recertification not more than six months before your recertification date, and no later than six weeks afterwards. You can find this date in ‘My FSRH’ under 'My Certificates' – it is also on your initial certificate, and on any recertification confirmation letter that you may have received in the past.

Your qualification number

To apply for recertification, you need your qualification number (e.g. your LoC or FSRH Diploma number). You can find this in ‘My FSRH’; it is also on your initial certificate or your last recertification confirmation letter.

CPD activity

You can find a calendar of CPD events and meetings in the events section of this website. One CPD credit is equal to one hour of CPD.

Please note that you may use the same CPD activity to recertify for the FSRH Diploma and your LoC IUT and/or LoC SDI, as long as the activity is relevant to your LoC qualification(s). 

e-SRH modules

To recertify, you may also need to take modules 17 and/or 18 of the e-SRH, our free e-learning package. To access this, please register with e-Learning for Healthcare (e-LfH). e-SRH modules are free to people employed by the NHS. It contains interactive learning modules on a range of topics, e.g. STI testing. Each module lasts around 20 minutes and the entire course should take around 30 hours. e-Learning for Healthcare's website is not managed by FSRH, therefore any queries regarding your log in details should be directed to e-LfH.

Women's Health Library

Bringing together national guidance, resources produced and accredited by the RCGP, and resources from the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists (RCOG) and the Faculty of Sexual and Reproductive Healthcare (FSRH), the Women's Health Library is a resource relevant to GPs and other primary healthcare professionals.

The Library is divided into four sections for ease of use with the free resources clearly marked:

  • Maternal Health
  • Sexual and Reproductive Health
  • Pre-Menopause
  • Peri/Post Menopause

Access the library here

Personal beliefs guidance

At the time of recertifying your FSRH qualification, you need to confirm you have read the 6 principles of care as outlined in the “Guidance for those undertaking or recertifying FSRH qualifications whose personal beliefs conflict with the provision of abortion or any method of contraception” and agree to abide by them in practice.

Failure to recertify when due

If you recertify up to six weeks after your recertification date, your qualification will remain valid. However, FSRH records will show that you have not maintained CPD for your qualification and that it is not currently recertified. This will be the information we give to any prospective employers who contact us to check your qualifications.

If you do not apply for recertification within six weeks of the due date, your qualification is deemed to have lapsed. If you are a Faculty Registered Trainer (FRT), please note that your qualification must be current for you to continue as an FRT.

If you recertify more than six weeks after your normal recertification date, you will have to fulfil some extra requirements. Please read the relevant recertification page for more information.

If it is 10 years or more since your qualification was awarded or last recertified, you will need to retake the full training programme for your qualification. For Letters of Competence, this may be via the experienced practitioner route, if appropriate.

Special circumstances

All clinicians holding a licence to practice should maintain their CPD commitments, whether or not they work full time. However, we recognise that some circumstances make it difficult or impossible to engage in CPD. These are some of the circumstances that merit special consideration.

Sick leave, maternity leave or other career breaks 

If you need to take time away from your career, you should make up any shortfall in your CPD activity over the remainder of the five year recertification cycle. You can do this in advance and/or once you have returned to work. If you wish to apply for an extension on your recertification date, please call our recertification team on +44(0)20 3198 3180 or +44(0)20 7724 5620. 

Work in isolated environments outside the UK

In some circumstances or locations, the available CPD activity may not meet Faculty standards. In such situations, you should self-accredit as much CPD as you feel is justified for the learning achieved, and make up any shortfall after returning to the UK. If you are away for more than a year, you may need to agree specific CPD goals with your appraiser, or the Faculty.


CPD is a central part of the remediation process.


This is rare, and usually involves a short period of suspension before returning to work or facing a decision on retraining or remediation. If necessary, you should be able to make up any lost CPD credits during your five year cycle.

Other circumstances

If you are unable to gain the CPD credits you need for recertification because of a particular situation or event not covered in the categories above, please contact the Faculty. We will assess such situations on a case-by-case basis. You can call us on +44 (0)20 7724 5620 or email us at for more information.

Intellectual Property Rights

All intellectual property rights for any FSRH qualification including documents, materials and content belonging to and produced by the FSRH should not be used for purposes other than FSRH training. Should you wish to use any of the IPR for purposes other than FSRH training you must seek the FSRH’s approval in writing with your request via our copyright request form. We aim to respond to submissions of this nature within one working week.