The FSRH Hatfield Vision

2030 ambition

By 2030, reproductive health inequalities will have significantly improved for all women and girls, enabling them to live well and pursue their ambitions in every aspect of their lives.

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Maintaining good reproductive health and wellbeing has profound and positive long-term effects on the individual and society. However, we know that many women and girls experience poor reproductive health, with almost half of all pregnancies in the UK being ambivalent or unplanned.

This is why we have developed the FSRH Hatfield Vision, our blueprint outlining what needs to be achieved to improve the health of 51% of the UK’s population and tackle the inequalities that women and girls face across their lifetime.

FSRH Hatfield Vision

A Framework to Improve Women and Girls’ Reproductive Health Outcomes

"The FSRH Hatfield Vision is critical for achieving universal excellence in reproductive healthcare" – Dr Asha Kasliwal, FSRH President

The Vision features priority goals and actions endorsed by 28 organisations in areas such as access to contraception, reproductive rights, menopause, menstrual health, cervical screening and maternal health outcomes in black women and women of colour. It has been developed in consultation with the sector.

The FSRH Hatfield Vision is a legacy to the late Jane Hatfield, the first CEO of FSRH, who worked tirelessly to improve the quality of reproductive healthcare that every woman and girl receives.

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