FSRH is increasingly influencing policy related to SRH by engaging with national and local Government, politicians, commissioners and policy makers across the UK. Our aim is to ensure that standards in delivery of sexual and reproductive healthcare are protected and enhanced.

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The FSRH Policy Team work to inform and influence policy makers with regard to the pertinent issues and challenges currently faced in SRH commissioning and service delivery. We closely monitor political developments and actively engage with key political and healthcare stakeholders and formally feed into policy delivery by responding to public consultations.

As outlined in our Vision, FSRH believes that everyone has a right to expect individualised, holistic sexual and reproductive healthcare throughout their lives. Our policy work is designed to make this Vision a reality, working across the UK to develop and implement national policy strategies that will help to plug the gap between what women and men need in their sexual and reproductive healthcare and what may be currently provided.

Campaigns we are supporting

As part of its policy work, FSRH works collaboratively with other organisations to support campaigns that share our aim of improving SRH care.

Find out more about the campaigns and/or organisations we support:

HPV ActionHPV Action

A collaborative partnership of 44 patient and professional organisations working to achieve a gender-neutral HPV vaccination. Visit the HPV Action website.


Academy LogoAcademy of Medical Royal Colleges (AoMRC)

Campaign against Public Health cuts.  




PSHE LogoPSHE Association campaign for statutory PSHE education and the Sex Education Forum's campaign for statutory SRE

FSRH is disappointed by the Government’s rejection of the Commons Education Committee’s recommendation that PSHE and SRE should become a statutory subject on the National Curriculum.

This is counter to the aims of the PSHE Association and Sex Education Forum's campaigns and, we believe, detrimental to the outcomes of children and young people. See the PSHE Association’s response to the Government.

Back Off Campaign LogoBack Off

Back Off is campaigning for women to be able to access abortion services without confrontation or intimidation.



THT LogoTerence Higgins Trust (THT) SRE: End the Silence

This campaign follows the publication of THT’s ‘SRE…shh no talking: LGBT-inclusive sex and relationships education in the UK’ that highlight that SRE is either inadequate or absent in many schools. With the government’s recent rejection of statutory SRE, THT are currently campaigning to enhance the quality of SRE teaching across the UK.


Terrence Higgins Trust ‘Make PrEP Available’ Campaign

In light of NHS England’s recent announcement that it would not be funding Pre-exposure Prophylaxis for HIV as it falls outside of NHS England’s remit as a preventative intervention, the Terrence Higgins Trust, with the widespread support of the SRH sector, is campaigning for NHS England to overturn their decision and provide PrEP to patients on the NHS. Read Terrence Higgins Trust’s full response to NHS England’s decision and read a full briefing on PrEP.

Contact us

For any queries regarding policy please contact, Lorna Kelly, the FSRH External Affairs Manager
Email: lkelly@fsrh.org