Vice President of Clinical Quality vacancy - Deadline 15 March 2024

Posted 16 February 2024

Date: 16 Feb 2024

Type: FSRH News and Information


Please note the role description has been updated as of the 19th Feb.

The FSRH’s work is led by the Board and supported by the Executive and a group of six elected Officers (the President and five Vice Presidents). You can find out more about the FSRH's governance here. The FSRH members in these honorary roles, lead a portfolio of work and committees, working closely with the CEO and senior management team to deliver the FSRH strategy to meet the needs of our 14,000 members. They are members of our Council, the Finance, Risk and Investment Committee, chair one of five FSRH Boards of Council, and provide leadership, support and guidance to the committees and working groups in their portfolio. Our present Vice President of Clinical Quality, Dr Helen Munro, will demit from the Vice President for Clinical Quality role in the near future, so we have a vacancy.  



What is in it for you? 

Officer roles are demanding in terms of time commitments, but it offers a number of benefits: 

  • Opportunity to shape and input into the FSRH’s work 
  • Being able to influence change 
  • Develop a broader understanding of the SRH sector 
  • Develop leadership skills 
  • Expand your network 
  • Being part of a team 

Who can apply? 

Officers need to be a current FSRH Fellow, Member or Diplomate and still in clinical practice. 

View the role description for Vice President of Clinical Quality

To apply 

If you are interested in applying, please send: 

  • a short CV (maximum 2 sides); 
  • a cover letter with a personal statement of up to 500 words outlining how you meet the skills and attributes required for the role (this will be shared with Council if there is an election);
  • a completed digital application form with two proposers to be returned by midnight 15 March 2024.

Interested candidates are invited to have a no-obligation telephone discussion with the current Vice President for Clinical Quality (Dr Helen Munro) before applying. Please contact Helen Davies at for more details.  

Once the application period has closed, Council will vote in a secret ballot if there is more than one candidate standing. 

If there is only one candidate and they meet the eligibility criteria, then they are automatically elected.