Updated FSRH CEU Guidance published: Drug Interaction with Hormonal Contraception (May 2022)

Posted 9 May 2022

Date: 09 May 2022

Type: FSRH Clinical Guidance and Clinical Statements

The updated FSRH CEU Guidance Drug Interaction with Hormonal Contraception (May 2022) has been published.

In this updated CEU guidance, CEU has focused on the principles underlying drug interactions with hormonal contraception to facilitate understanding. The guidance moves away from having lists of drugs that interact with hormonal contraception because we could never hope to make these comprehensive and keep them up to date. Instead, contraception providers are directed to the excellent BNF, Stockley's, and Liverpool HIV and Hepatitis drug interaction checkers. We have included responses to the Drug Interactions questions that we are most frequently asked - often these are interactions for which there is not clear evidence; the responses aim to guide and inform decisions in these difficult situations. Reminders are included about the importance of achieving highly effective contraception (and avoiding any possible drug interaction that could affect this) during use of teratogens, and informing users of hormonal contraception about potential interactions.

Read the new guidance here.