The UKMEC available in multiple formats

Posted 8 November 2016

Date: 08 Nov 2016

Type: FSRH Clinical Guidance and Clinical Statements

Author: FSRH

The FSRH UKMEC is now available in a range of formats to support clinicians to deliver the best possible contraceptive care.

Following the FSRH launch of its updated and fully-digital UK MEC in June this year, FSRH is pleased to announce that the UKMEC is available for users to buy from Amazon UK for a cost of £30.00.

This authoritative, ‘go-to’ reference for clinicians provides contraceptives safely to women across the life course. 

The UK MEC helps clinicians decide what contraceptives they are able to safely recommend based on the medical conditions of patients in their care.
This key guidance is informed by robust and up-to-date evidence on when contraceptives can and cannot be safely used. Where evidence was lacking, FSRH took care to obtain professional input from leading UK experts in each relevant field.

The 2016 edition has been carefully constructed for clinicians living and working in a ‘one-click’, digital age enabling clinicians to access a searchable online version of the UK MEC. The new online UK MEC facilitates effortless navigation, with features that cross reference the UK MEC with other clinical guidance documents. There is also an option to buy this edition full colour from Amazon.

View more information on how to access this key guidance document on our website.

Update to news story - 2018

The UKMEC is now available for all customers to purchase on Amazon for £15.00.  FSRH recommends that you also download (freely available) the associated update to the UKMEC book. This can be found here