The FSRH is a Bloody Good Employer!

Posted 7 May 2024

Date: 07 May 2024

Type: FSRH Press Releases and Statements

We are proud to announce our status as a certified Bloody Good Employer.  

We completed the programme as part of our ongoing commitment to creating and maintaining an inclusive, supportive place to work for all our staff.  
The Bloody Good Employer certification programme, which is run by menstrual equity charity Bloody Good Period, is the only one of its kind that requires companies to champion the rights of women and all people who menstruate and experience menopause.
It was developed and launched in response to research showing that 89% of people who menstruate have experienced stress or anxiety at work because of their period. A further 27% say they never feel supported at work, and 25% say that the time they’ve had to take off work due to menstrual health issues, has negatively impacted their career progression. The programme has grown to include menopause equity work, after a clear realisation that those experiencing menopause were also being marginalised in the workplace, leading to 1 in 10 of people leaving the workforce each year.


Gary Waltham, FSRH CEO, with Rachel Grocott, Bloody Good Period CEO

Gary Waltham, FSRH CEO said:

We are proud to gain accreditation from Bloody Good Employers for our work to ensure the menstrual health of employees is supported and that discussing periods is not a taboo subject in our organisation. We firmly believe that employers should be actively implementing policy and practise to enable support and care in the workplace for women and all those who menstruate. We are honoured to be working with Bloody Good Employers in leading positive and progressive change. Thank you to Rachel Grocott and all the Bloody Good Employers team. We look forward to continuing to develop our employment practise in support of an inclusive workplace.

Rachel Grocott, CEO of Bloody Good Period added:

We know that menstruation can pose specific challenges in the workplace - something which the past years’ context has shown us. The employer landscape is somewhere we can drive real change in menstrual equity by supporting employers like the FSRH to do much more.

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