Take part in Public Health England’s Consultation on time to Chlamydia Results and Treatment Standard

Posted 4 September 2017

Date: 04 Sep 2017

Type: Sexual and Reproductive Health News

Take part in this consultation on chlamydia results and treatment times led by the National Chlamydia Screening Programme (NCSP) team at Public Health England.

Public Health England welcome your views if your service is involved in any testing for chlamydia regardless of whether or not this is part of NCSP screening (i.e. either as screening or for clinical diagnosis).

Presently, there are two key performance indicators regarding result notification and treatment within NCSP standards:

1. At least 95% of those tested notified of result within 10 working days, and
2. At least 95% of those testing positive treated within six weeks of test date

The consultation is on the proposal to combine these standards for patients who test positive for chlamydia. Therefore, the proposed standard would be:
1. At least 95% of those testing positive notified of result and treated within 10 working days

The standard for time to results for those who test negative would remain unchanged (at least 95% of those tested notified within 10 working days).
This consultation will be open from 4th September until 13th October 2017.

You can take part by clicking on this link.