Take part in our survey on specialist training needs in SRH

Posted 29 July 2021

Date: 29 Jul 2021

Type: FSRH News and Information

Take part in our survey for healthcare practitioners working in general practice or sexual and reproductive healthcare (SRH) services to tell us your service’s needs regarding specialist training.

Our survey aims to gather information from healthcare professionals working within general practice and SRH services to understand more about the specialist services they offer, and what their specialist training needs are.

The responses to this survey will help to inform the future of our specialist training qualifications within SRH, and to better understand how we can meet the current needs of the workforce.

Specialist training involves gaining a high level of proficiency within a specific medical area and can be undertaken by doctors or specialist nurses. Our current Special Skills Modules (SSMs) are examples of specialist training which aim to be equivalent to very specific areas of CSRH specialty training. The SSMs we currently offer include Abortion Care, Menopause Care, Ultrasound, and Vasectomy.

If you are a healthcare professional working in SRH services, or a GP with a special interest in SRH or women’s health, we would greatly appreciate your response to this survey. You can take part using the link below:

Survey for Specialist Training in SRH

This survey will be collecting responses until 09:00 on Friday 20 August.