Submission of CSRH curriculum to the GMC

Posted 27 August 2020

Date: 27 Aug 2020

Type: FSRH News and Information

Below we share some updates on progress with our CSRH curriculum and MFSRH project with some key dates to be aware of.

We're pleased to announce that we have submitted the proposed new CSRH curriculum and changes to the MFSRH examination to the GMC (General Medical Council) for their consideration.

This is a significant milestone in this important project, and we’d like to say a huge thank you to all those that have contributed.

This comprehensive review has designed a curriculum that will develop a consultant who is a clinical expert, a systems leader, an NHS professional and a trainer/educator, reflecting the core work of a CSRH consultant.

The review has also incorporated the MFSRH examination, as it has to be based on the curriculum. We have also taken this opportunity to make some alterations to the structure and format of the examination. 

We are awaiting approval from the GMC for our submitted CSRH curriculum so this is subject to change. We expect GMC approval in January 2021.

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Key dates 

August 2020

Submission to the GMC Curriculum Advisory Group with the new CSRH curriculum and MFSRH examination

November 2020

Initial response from the GMC 

January 2021

Decision from GMC on the new CSRH curriculum 

January 2021

Launch of new CESR Specialty Specific Guidance

August 2021

Launch of revised ePortfolio

August 2021

New CSRH curriculum will be launched*

April 2022

New Part 1 MFSRH examination

 June 2022

New Part 2 MFSRH examination 

*The expected launch of the new curriculum has changed since previous communications. All trainees will transfer to the new curriculum on the ePortfolio on 1 August, and not after the March and October ARCPs as previously communicated.

If you have any questions or would like to feedback on the new CSRH curriculum, you can contact us at