Register to be a participant in study on SRH services and their role in improving obesity outcomes in pregnancy

Posted 25 April 2018

Date: 25 Apr 2018

Type: Sexual and Reproductive Health News

FSRH members are invited to take part in study that aims to understand the extent to which NICE recommendations to improve weight before pregnancy are implemented through open access SRH services in England, and what barriers and enablers exist with regards to their implementation.

The negative health outcomes related to obesity are well documented. Obesity prevalence among women of reproductive age is increasing and 1 in 5 women giving birth in England is obese. Obesity during pregnancy poses further health risks to both mother and child.

Why SRH services?

In order to improve pregnancy outcomes, it is important that women are identified and supported to reach and maintain a healthy weight before they become pregnant.  

NICE (2010) has produced guidelines for managing weight before, during and after pregnancy which identify contraceptive services as a group that should take action on advising women with a BMI of 30 or more on the health risks of obesity associated with pregnancy and on losing weight before they decide to become pregnant. NICE (2017) also recommend BMI is measured as part of contraception assessment, and that future plans for having children are discussed.  However, it is not known whether these recommendations are being implemented in open access SRH services.

This study is being led by Louise Sweeney, Public Health Speciality Registrar, Wellbeing and Public Health Service Cornwall Council. The study has received no external funding and is being completed as part of a Masters in Public Health at the University of West England. This study is being conducted under the supervision of Professor David Evans at the University of West England.

How you can help in two easy steps

1. Please share this link with providers to enable them to take part. All clinicians working in SRH services are invited to participate. The online survey should take approximately 10 minutes to complete and is available until 24th May.

Survey link: SRHobesitySurvey   The online survey will be open until 24 May 2018

2. Please email with a lead contact for your service so that they can be contacted directly about the research and their participation.

Will I find out about the results?

The key findings will be shared with those participating in the research if they provide their contact details. If you would like to receive a copy please email louise.sweeney1[at] The results will be available from 12 September 2018.

Further information for participants is available here.