Sexual Health & HIV Policy e-bulletin

Posted 15 January 2017

Date: 15 Jan 2017

Type: FSRH News and Information

The Sexual Health & HIV Policy eBulletin (developed by MEDFASH) is now being produced and published by FSRH.

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Launched in October 2012 to keep commissioners, providers and others in the field up-to-date about policy developments during the transition that followed the Health and Social Care Act 2012, the eBulletin has remained a ‘go-to’ source of reliable and useful information, with 36 issues published to date. In the most recent eBulletin survey (carried out by MEDFASH in June 2015), over 90% of readers agree that the eBulletin is a reliable source of information on policy relevant to sexual health & HIV and over 7 out of 10 readers identified it is one of their main sources of information for national policy developments in this field.


Each issue contains a regular eFeature opinion piece, which provides an up-to-date commentary on key issues from stakeholders at both national and local level. It also has a round-up of policy news, relevant evidence updates and available tools and resources across the field of sexual health, reproductive health and HIV. These can now be viewed on the FSRH website here.

It is available free to those working in clinical services, public health, commissioning, primary care, voluntary and community organisations and other related areas.

The first issue of 2017 is due out soon (w/c 30 January 2017). Be sure you get your copy by signing up via the link below (even if you previously received the Sexual Health & HIV Policy eBulletin from MEDFASH, you will need to re-subscribe with FSRH).

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