RCGP creates menstrual wellbeing toolkit for use by GPs

Posted 28 November 2018

Date: 28 Nov 2018

Type: Sexual and Reproductive Health News

A new toolkit has been launched by RCGP to assist GPs care for women with menstrual problems.

Menstrual related problems affect a significant proportion of the 25 percent of the UK female population who are of reproductive age, from menarche to menopause; affecting their physical, psychological and social wellbeing. Managing ‘period problems’ is often delayed because of the associated stigma and myths, which leaves women unsupported and in some cases at risk of developing long-term consequences of untreated disease.

As part of the RCGP's Menstrual Wellbeing Spotlight project, funded by Endometriosis UK, a free new Menstrual Wellbeing Toolkit has been launched to help general practitioners care for women with menstrual problems.

This ‘everything in one place’ toolkit includes:

The toolkit has been developed by FSRH member, former Officer and GP, Dr Anne Connolly.

You can access the free toolkit here.

FSRH’s members can also replay on demand for free the webinar about NICE's guideline - Heavy menstrual bleeding: assessment and management - what it means in practice.