Public Consultation: FSRH Clinical Guideline Overweight, Obesity and Contraception

Posted 14 December 2018

Date: 14 Dec 2018

Type: FSRH News and Information

The upcoming guideline is now out for public consultation.

This new guideline brings together evidence and expert opinion on the provision of contraception to women who are overweight and women with obesity. This guidance is most relevant to women of reproductive age who require contraception and have a body mass index of 25 kg/m2 or higher. The guidance is intended for use by health professionals who provide contraceptive advice or contraceptive supplies for women in community and hospital settings.

The CEU now seeks feedback and comments from the public regarding the current draft of the guideline. Please use the provided feedback form and send to

The closing date for this Public Consultation is 21 January 2019.

Please note that there will be a separate summary document intended to be a quick reference guide.