President Dr Janet Barter invites you to join our 30th Anniversary celebrations

Posted 23 January 2023

Date: 23 Jan 2023

Type: FSRH News and Information

I am delighted we have reached our 30th Anniversary. It is an enormous privilege to be serving as President of the largest sexual and reproductive healthcare (SRH) professional membership body, working in such a vital area and at such a challenging time.

I’d like to thank all our members, past and present, for the work you do delivering excellent SRH all over the country. You make the FSRH what it is - we could do nothing without your clinical expertise, knowledge, time, and support through membership.

When we think about the history of SRH, we can reflect on the fact that at the start of the 20th Century medical students were not taught about birth control and doctors were largely against using it. When the first clinic was opened in Britain in 1921 by Marie Stopes – campaigner, biologist, and author of the controversial book ‘Married Love’ – for the first time, qualified clinical staff were able to give contraceptive advice, signalling the beginning of SRH as a medical specialty.

With the founding of the Faculty in 1993, the specialism at last had a dedicated body to support the education of clinicians, to ensure their ongoing professional development, and to provide a way for healthcare providers to connect with each other and have their collective voices heard.

Ultimately, this has led to a transformation in the way SRH is delivered in the UK, and increasingly around the world.

2023 and beyond

We continue to believe that everyone has a right to expect individualised, holistic sexual and reproductive healthcare throughout their lives and are committed to providing training and lifelong education to all SRH professionals. We will continue to champion our members and the wider SRH workforce in the future.

Throughout 2023 we will continue our programme of transformation, acting on your priorities and keeping you in the picture with news about how we’re making improvements to give you better value than ever before.

Get involved

Throughout this year you can help us celebrate achieving 30 years of clinical excellence. We’d love to hear from you about being an FSRH member - your stories, anecdotes, and achievements!

Share your experiences by completing our short 30th Anniversary shared stories form or tag us on Twitter @FSRH_UK using #FSRH30

To learn more about the Faculty – past, present and future – visit our dedicated 30th Anniversary page.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Dr Janet Barter

FSRH President