Report by NICE on progress in implementing national guidance is launched with comment by FSRH President Dr Asha Kasliwal

Posted 8 February 2019

Date: 08 Feb 2019

Type: Sexual and Reproductive Health News

NICE has published a report highlighting progress in implementing its guidance on sexual health and reproductive health care. The report includes a commentary section by FSRH President, Dr Asha Kasliwal. NICE is also launching the first quality standards in sexual health.

The NICEimpact sexual health report is split into three chapters on contraception, STIs and HIV. The report demonstrates the difference which NICE guidance has made to improving sexual and reproductive health care and services.

However, the report also throws light on the continuing unevenness in access to and provision of sexual health and reproductive health care services across England, as well as indicating where there is still progress to be made, such as increasing the use of IUDs for emergency contraception and improving access to post-pregnancy contraception.

FSRH President Dr Asha Kasliwal, in the comment section of the NICEimpact report, highlights:

“Implementing NICE recommendations will require leadership and a joined-up, multidisciplinary approach across professional boundaries.

I believe we can turn these challenges into opportunities to change ways of working and introduce innovative solutions to provide the best care for the people we serve, improve the population’s health and address health inequalities. NICE guidance can help commissioners, service managers and healthcare professionals achieve that.”

NICE has also launched its first Quality Standards on Sexual Health, which focuses on the prevention of sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and describes high-quality care in priority areas for improvement.

Key recommendations for healthcare professionals include being aware of condom distribution schemes and telling people who are at risk of getting an STI how to access them. Dr Kasliwal contributed with the development of the standards through its role as a specialist committee member in one of NICE’s Quality Standard Advisory Committees (QSAC).

FSRH hopes its members as well as commissioners, service providers and other healthcare professionals find this useful in informing high quality practice.

Download the NICEimpact report and the Quality Standards on Sexual Health