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Posted 30 June 2016

Date: 30 Jun 2016

Type: FSRH News and Information

News from Europe

ESC Congress in Basel, Switzerland

The recent 14th biennial ESC Congress was held in the Swiss city of Basel. The title of the congress 'Contraception: from molecular biology to social science and politics' provided an ideal opportunity for SRH professionals of very different and distinct specialities to come together to explore the multi-dimensional aspects of contraception and reproductive health.

There was a strong presence from the UK with speakers, session chairs and delegates and from the FSRH in particular with both the President and Chief Executive in attendance, an education session organised jointly with the ESC and a stand in the exhibition hall.

Award of the ESC Seminar Medal

Dr Sarah Randall (an FSRH founder and ex Officer) was presented with the ESC Seminar Medal in Basel for years of sterling work for the ESC. Sarah was the Secretary General of the ESC and was responsible for overseeing changes and developments to their procedures, policies and rules. Sarah is now Chair of the Internal Scientific Committee at the ESC.

FSRH Honorary Fellow elected as first non-doctor Vice President of the ESC

FSRH Honorary Fellow and nurse Shelley Raine was elected Vice President of the ESC (European Society of Contraception). Shelley became the first non-doctor on the Board of Directors six years ago when she was elected by her UK colleagues as one of our two representatives. Shelley is well known for her commitment to ensuring that nurses are engaged and involved in the work of the FSRH and hopes to continue this by raising awareness of the value of non-doctors and multidisciplinary working to our European colleagues

Following further appointments to the ESC Board and Committees, we are delighted that the ESC has such a strong UK / FSRH representation, and look forward to forging stronger partnerships with the ESC and other international organisations working in the SRH arena.

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ESC Congress 2018, Budapest, Europe

The next ESC Congress (2018), in Budapest, has the theme ‘Family Planning and Contraception from Adolescence to the Menopause’. The Congress Scientific Committee will be setting the programme at a brainstorming session in August and we would welcome any suggestions for session content. Please send any suggestions to the UK representative, Dr Ali Kubba at