New FSRH Diploma qualification to launch in Spring 2020

Posted 18 March 2019

Date: 18 Mar 2019

Type: FSRH News and Information

We are pleased to announce that our new FSRH Diploma will open for applications in Spring 2020. The current Diploma qualification must be completed by candidates on 31 March 2021.

Our Diploma review project has been led by healthcare professionals and has involved extensive feedback from our trainers, members and learners.

Accessible, robust, inclusive

Our new FSRH Diploma will offer candidates clearer learning pathways and outcomes, alongside interactive content within a learning management system. Candidates will also have access to a range of resources to support their learning style. 

Benefits of our new Diploma include:

  • A flexible modular approach
    Offers you flexibility - choose your Diploma components in the order to suit you.

  • Interactive learning, easily accessible
    A new, improved online learning experience through a learning management system. You'll be able to log-on and access content online easily accessible at a time convenient to you.

  • Mentor and peer support
    Gain tailored advice from your Faculty Registered Trainer, alongside access to a community of peers.

  • A range of resources to support your learning.
“Accessible and clinically robust, the new FSRH Diploma curriculum will be tailored to the SRH workforce, and provide more varied, inclusive opportunities for assessment.” said Jane Hatfield, CEO of the FSRH. 

“However, we expect that both the current and new FSRH Diploma will be recognised by employers. Both qualifications will equip candidates with the knowledge, attitudes and skills to deliver safe and effective sexual and reproductive healthcare.”

Expected timeframe
Please note the current Diploma e-portfolio and Course of 5 for candidates has now closed. 

Current Diploma


Last date a Course of 5 can be run

Deadline now passed

Last date an e-portfolio will be issued

Deadline now passed

Last date a trainee can apply for a DFSRH based on the current criteria

12 March 2021

Current Diploma closes

31 March 2021


New Diploma


eSRH update

Spring 2020

Open to enrolment

Spring 2020

Next steps

We will share regular updates on progress. In the meantime, you can read our new FSRH Diploma FAQs or contact us at

Read our FAQs for current candidates and new learners
Read our trainer FAQs