Latest update on our new FSRH Diploma curriculum

Posted 10 October 2019

Date: 10 Oct 2019

Type: FSRH News and Information

Read on for further updates about our new FSRH Diploma, which is due to launch in Spring 2020.

We’re pleased to share that our revised Diploma curriculum is now confirmed and we will be sharing it with key audiences in the coming months. The content has been developed by our Diploma Review Board, led by healthcare professionals, alongside detailed feedback from our trainers, members and learners.

The new curriculum forms part of our new FSRH Diploma, due to launch in Spring 2020. Find out more about our new Diploma.


What will the new curriculum cover?

Our revised Diploma curriculum will cover the following modules:

  • Basic anatomy and physiology
  • Health history and risk assessment
  • Contraceptive choices: UKMEC, contraceptive methods, barrier contraceptives, sterilisation and fertility awareness
  • Emergency contraception including quick start
  • Managing side-effects and complications of contraception use
  • Pregnancy: planning, unintended and abortion as well as early pregnancy
  • STIs: transmission, testing, management and partner notification
  • Needs of specific groups: LGBTQ, high BMI, over 40, following pregnancy
  • Adult and child/young person safeguarding
  • Psychosexual medicine
  • Cervical screening

What’s new in the curriculum?

The curriculum has been extensively reviewed to include:

  • A clearer learning journey and pathway for candidates

  • A new module on the needs of specific groups, including those over 40, with high BMI, post-pregnancy and LGBTQ

  • Adult and child/young person safeguarding consolidated into one learning module.

As part of this, the current Course of 5 assessment will be replaced with an assessment half-day. We will share more details on this over the coming months.

Expected timeframe

Current Diploma


Last date a Course of 5 can be run

13 December 2019

Last date an e-portfolio will be issued

13 December 2019

Last date a trainee can apply for a DFSRH based on the current criteria

12 March 2021

Current Diploma closes

31 March 2021


New Diploma


eSRH update

Spring 2020

Open to enrolment

Spring 2020

We will continue to share regular updates on progress. 

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