New FSRH CEU statement on the effects of contraception on weight to accompany their recent guideline Overweight, Obesity and Contraception.

Posted 12 August 2019

Date: 12 Aug 2019

Type: FSRH Clinical Guidance and Clinical Statements

This statement reviews and summarises the available evidence regarding the effect of contraception on weight. Looking at each method individually, the FSRH CEU advises clinicians regarding proven and theoretical associations between contraceptive options and weight/BMI.

Weight gain is a concern for many women for personal and health reasons. There is a perception that weight gain is a common side effect of contraceptive use and this is often cited as a reason why women do not initiate or do not continue contraception.

The statement reviews the evidence relating to weight gain with contraceptive use and provides method by method information and guidance for prescribers of contraception.

Read the statement here or download it below.