New FSRH CEU guidance published: Drug Interactions Between HIV Antiretroviral Therapy (ART) and Contraception (February 2023)

Posted 7 February 2023

Date: 07 Feb 2023

Type: FSRH Clinical Guidance and Clinical Statements

The new FSRH CEU Guidance Drug Interactions Between HIV Antiretroviral Therapy (ART) and Contraception (February 2023) has been published.

In this new CEU guidance, CEU has focussed on drug-drug interactions (DDIs) between HIV antiretroviral therapy (ART) and contraception to facilitate the prescription of safe and effective contraception to people living with HIV and on ART.

The guidance includes summaries of the evidence available to inform our understanding of HIV-contraception DDIs, easy-to-use Quick Reference Tables that provide information on known and potential drug interactions for each contraceptive method, including emergency contraception, by class and type of antiretroviral drug, as well as indicate when there are no concerns about drug interactions. We have also included responses to the HIV and Contraception Interactions questions that we are most frequently asked.

Key messages in the guidance are that many safe and effective contraceptive options exist for people living with HIV on ART; healthcare providers should check for potential DDIs between contraceptives and each individual drug component of the person’s ART regimen when prescribing and at each review appointment; and that prescribers should consult the excellent University of Liverpool HIV Drug Interaction Checker for interactions between hormonal contraception and each component ART drug before prescribing.

This guidance was developed in consultation with a broad range of HIV care and DDI experts and other key stakeholders.

Access the guidance here.

FSRH members have free access to the Drug Interactions with Hormonal Contraception webinar held on Thursday 9 February 2023Find out more information and reserve your place here