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Posted 15 September 2023

Date: 15 Sep 2023

Type: FSRH News and Information

In response to the growing demand for specialised care for patients during the perimenopause and menopause, we developed a comprehensive program aimed at equipping healthcare professionals with advanced knowledge and skills in menopause care. Most recently, we launched our advanced Menopause Care qualification, the Menopause Care Professional Diploma (MCPD).

Designed to bridge the knowledge gap that currently exists in the field, our aim is to ensure that healthcare practitioners can provide the best possible support to everyone navigating the challenges of menopause. 

Our Menopause Care opportunities 

Essentials of Menopause Care

Aimed specifically at healthcare practitioners working in primary care settings, this course may act as an ideal starting point for many, while also providing a useful update for more experienced staff. Designed to include an interactive programme with scenario-based learning, presentations, as well as time for discussion and quizzes, this course can be delivered remotely and in person across the UK. 

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Menopause Care On-Demand

  • Menopause: supporting patients' sexual well-being 
  • Menopause and sexual well-being: encouraging conversations 

Our Menopause Care On-Demand learning options enable you to upskill in key areas through online, on-demand learning - all at your own pace and at a time convenient to you. The menopause programmes aim to ensure clinicians are attuned to patients' lived experiences, understanding how to initiate a conversation around broader sexual well-being, and where to direct them for more information. 

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Menopause Care Professional Certificate (MCPC)

Our certificate is both a standalone qualification for primary care providers, and the starting point for those who wish to progress to more advanced study or lead a menopause service. The MCPC will ensure you are able to use your knowledge, clinical skills, and experience to assess and manage individuals presenting for routine menopause care. 

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Menopause Care Professional Diploma (MCPD)

Our diploma is for clinicians who are independent prescribers and have completed the FSRH MCPC or equivalent training. Equipping you to independently assess and manage individuals being referred for specialist menopause care and complex menopause cases, it will also enable you to manage, develop and lead a multi-professional team delivering a Menopause Care Service, and to effectively communicate with the wider medical community. 

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Hot Topic: Deep dive into menopause management

Join us for an empowering half-day event dedicated to taking a deeper dive into Menopause Management.

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