Members vote to modernise governance at FSRH

Posted 1 August 2017

Date: 01 Aug 2017

Type: FSRH News and Information

We are delighted to announce that at the AGM held on 27th July 2017, all classes of membership of the FSRH voted overwhelmingly in support of the proposed changes to the Faculty governance.

As we have outlined elsewhere these changes will enable us to appoint a Board of Trustees who will focus exclusively on providing governance leadership to the organisation. That means they will be appointed to ensure we have a robust long term strategy, backed up by a solid financial strategy and can carefully consider and respond to risks and opportunities that the Faculty faces. A majority of the trustees will be Faculty members and we will soon be putting information on the website to let members know how they can apply to be a trustee. We will also be recruiting ‘externally’ ie outside the membership, for trustees. We will be looking for a range of skills and backgrounds for these trusteeships including finance and business planning to ensure we can draw on a wide range of expertise including from other sectors.

These changes will enable the Faculty Council to focus on our training, standards and influencing work. Council will play an important role in making recommendations to the Board concerning these areas and will continue to be made up of member representatives and co-opted members. View a full list of Council members here. If there are issues you would like your Council representatives to raise, please contact them via Helen Davies on

The Officers will continue to oversee particular areas of our work. View a list of the Officers and which areas/committees they oversee here. Finally, the staff team will continue to be responsible for leading on the implementation of the plans and budgets as agreed with Council and approved by the Board.

The new Board of Trustees will become fully operational by 1 January 2018.

We would like to thank all our members who contributed their vote to this important milestone in the development of the FSRH. We hope you will consider applying to be a trustee on the new Board.

If you would like to offer any thoughts or feedback on our new governance arrangements and plans, you can contact the FSRH President, Dr Asha Kasliwal, at

Asha Kasliwal and Jane Hatfield