Letter from Chief Medical Officers of England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland regarding doctors requests for absence

Posted 25 June 2017

Date: 25 Jun 2017

Type: Sexual and Reproductive Health News

Senior Medical Leaders call for all employers to look favorably on requests from doctors applying for absence to fulfill duties such as doing work for Royal Colleges and Faculties.

The Chief Medical Officers of all 4 countries of the UK have called for employers to consider positively doctors requests for absence to undertake national work for the wider benefit of the public in the UK.

Whilst recognizing that pressure on services may make these requests difficult, the Chief Medical Officers ask employers to consider the wider benefits of supporting such requests.

“The part time work these people undertake alongside their clinical duties contributes a great deal to the quality and safety of patient care, medical education and to the planning, delivery and independent assurance of the safety and effectiveness of both local and regional health services.”

Read the letter in full by downloading it below.