Introducing our Honorary Fellows of 2022

Posted 5 April 2023

Date: 05 Apr 2023

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We are proud to announce that Professor Kevin Fenton, Dr Chelsea Morroni and Professor Maggie Rae have been awarded an Honorary Fellowship of the FSRH 2022.

Maryam Nasri profileHonorary Fellowship of the Faculty is the highest award we can bestow, and is only granted to those who are nominated by you, our members, and judged by your Council to have made a truly outstanding contribution to the field of sexual and reproductive healthcare.

In 2022 we had a number of high calibre nominations, and are pleased to award Honorary Fellowships of the FSRH to 

  • Professor Kevin Fenton CBE FFPH FRCP PhD
  • Dr Chelsea Morroni MBChB DFSRH DTM&H MPhil MPH PhD
  • Professor Maggie Rae FFPH, FRCP (Hon), FRCP Edin, FRCPath (Hon), FFOM (Hon), FFSRH (Hon), FRSPH 

On behalf of the FSRH, I congratulate our Honorary Fellows and thank them immensely for their outstanding contributions to the SRH field. 

Maryam Nasri

FSRH Vice President, Membership

Professor Kevin Fenton CBE FFPH FRCP PhD

 Professor Kevin Fenton “Having spent much of my career in public health working to tackle HIV/ AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases, I am truly honoured to receive this recognition from the Faculty of Sexual and Reproductive Healthcare – especially in its landmark 30th year.

Access to sexual and reproductive healthcare is a fundamental right and a core pillar of ensuring good public health. Throughout my career, working in the UK and internationally, I have championed this right – and sought to address the underlying inequalities that drive disparities in sexual and reproductive health.

I thank the Faculty of Sexual and Reproductive Healthcare for this honour – and look forward to continuing to work together, as a multi-disciplinary workforce, to shape better sexual and reproductive healthcare for all”

  • London Regional Director, Office for Health Improvement and Disparities, Department of Health and Social Care
  • Regional Public Health Director, NHS London
  • Statutory Health Advisor to the Mayor of London, Greater London Authority and London Assembly
  • Government’s Chief Adviser for HIV and Chair of the HIV Action Plan Implementation Steering Group, Department of Health and Social Care, England.

We are delighted to award Kevin this Honorary Fellowship for his continued contribution to the improvement in Reproductive Health Services; maintaining the place of reproductive health on the agenda as a key public health issue that impacts on more than half of the population.

Kevin co-chaired the PHE Reproductive Health Systems Leadership Forum between 2018 – 2021 providing joint leadership across PHE and FSRH.

Together with the Faculty, we steered a new understanding of Reproductive Health placing it more firmly on the national integrated agenda alongside sexual health and HIV. Kevin has continued to promote and spread an understanding of Reproductive Health as a public health issue widening the agenda beyond the confines of sexual health services.

He has continued to support the dissemination of this model through his role as Regional Director of Public Health for London and Senior Adviser to the Government in HIV, sexual and reproductive health adviser and continues to act as a national advocate for Reproductive Health.

Since leaving his role at the Center for Disease Control and Prevention in the US, Kevin has been a very active player within the Public Health system for the UK – initially at Public Health England, as its director of health improvement and population healthcare, then as Southwark Council’s new Director of Health and Wellbeing, and as of 2020, Public Health England's Regional Director of Public Health for London. This role is a combined local authority and NHS role and has allowed him to continually stress the need for a more joined up approach to the delivery of reproductive health services within the new integrated commissioning environment.

His work in this role combatting the Covid pandemic has focused on supporting the least well served communities, highlighting the inequalities experienced. Keeping this focus is so important to ensuring real improvements in reproductive health outcomes and access to care and Kevin maintains a continued focus on these groups.

His Honorary Fellowship is richly deserved, and we offer him every congratulation.

Dr Chelsea Morroni MBChB DFSRH DTM&H MPhil MPH PhD

Dr Chelsea Morroni

"Over my career, I’ve been fortunate to work with and learn from many amazing organizations and people—clinicians, researchers, advocates and patients—all committed to improving sexual and reproductive health in Southern Africa, and around the world.

It is such an honour to be awarded the title of Honorary Fellow by the Council of the FSRH, and I look forward to being of continued service to the field of sexual and reproductive healthcare and advocacy.”


  • Chancellor’s Fellow in Global Sexual and Reproductive Health, MRC Centre for Reproductive Health, University of Edinburgh
  • Research Associate, Botswana-Harvard AIDS Institute Partnership
  • Professor of Women’s Health (Hon), School of Public Health, University of Cape Town
  • Co-Director, Faculty of Sexual and Reproductive Healthcare (FSRH) Clinical Effectiveness Unit (CEU)
  • Co-Chair, Faculty of Sexual and Reproductive Healthcare (FSRH) International Committee

We are delighted to award Chelsea this Honorary Fellowship for her contributions to global sexual and reproductive healthcare, research and policy over many years. Chelsea is a clinical doctor and epidemiologist, currently holding a Chancellor’s Fellowship in Global Sexual and Reproductive Health (SRH) at the MRC Centre for Reproductive Health, University of Edinburgh. She is a Research Associate at the Botswana Harvard AIDS Institute Partnership and the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health, an honorary Professor at the University of Cape Town in South Africa, and she has held advisor and consultant positions for African Ministries of Health, the International AIDS Society, UNFPA and the WHO.

Chelsea has an impressive track record in carrying out SRH research of the highest quality, impact and policy relevance. She has led several landmark studies, has worked on developing and implementing international contraceptive and sexual health research protocols, authored over 150 peer-reviewed publications with awards for outstanding research articles in journals such as Obstetrics and Gynecology and the Lancet, and contributed to national, regional and international SRH clinical care and service delivery guidelines.

In Botswana, where Chelsea has lived for almost a decade, after fourteen years of living and working in South Africa, she founded and directs a clinical research and implementation programme, the Botswana Sexual and Reproductive Health Initiative (BSRHI). With Ministry of Health and NGO-sector colleagues, Chelsea founded the first doctor-referral SRH service in Botswana and developed a nationwide clinical support and information service for healthcare providers. Her team’s work was instrumental in the introduction of the contraceptive implant into Botswana in 2015. 

Chelsea’s commitment to SRH is also manifest in her extensive mentoring and teaching activities. She has occupied prominent roles in teaching at a senior level, motivating, inspiring and supporting successive cohorts of medical, masters, doctoral students and junior clinicians to pursue careers in global SRH, and provided in-service training to hundreds of SRH service providers. She remains clinically active as an SRH doctor. Since August 2018, Chelsea has served as Deputy and now Co-Director of the Faculty’s Clinical Effectiveness Unit (CEU), based at the Chalmers Centre, NHS Lothian, leading CEU clinical guideline development. Chelsea is also Co-Chair of the Faculty’s International Committee. She is on the editorial board of the journal Contraception, is Specialty Chief Editor for Contraception and Abortion in Frontiers in Global Women Health and is an elected member of the Board of the International Society for Sexually Transmitted Diseases Research (ISSTDR)”.

Chelsea is an asset to the field of sexual and reproductive healthcare and research, and most deserving of this Honorary Fellowship.

Professor Maggie Rae FFPH, FRCP (Hon), FRCP Edin, FRCPath (Hon), FFOM (Hon), FFSRH (Hon), FRSPH

Professor Maggie Rae

“I am delighted and honoured to have been awarded Honorary Fellowship of the Faculty of Sexual and Reproductive Health.

I am very proud to have been involved with the FSRH for many years and admire greatly all the achievements and hard work the Faculty do.

Sexual and Reproductive Health is a huge priority in terms of improving Public Health and the Health Outcomes of our Population.

It is a privilege to work closely with FSRH and I will continue to promote this important area and the excellent work FSRH do.”

  • Professor Maggie Rae is former President of the Faculty of Public Health and current President of the RSM Epidemiology and Public Health Section.
  • A leading public-health expert, she runs the public-health training programme in the South West of England and works on programme development in the region.
  • She has been working in public health for nearly 40 years and has worked in local, regional and national roles with different national agencies.

As President of the Faculty of Public Health, Maggie has been a strong supporter of FSRH policy and public affairs work, particularly around public health funding and the commissioning agenda. She facilitated a joint FSRH-FPH representation to the Treasury on the Comprehensive Spending Review 2020, making the case for long-term, sustainable investment in Public Health and Education and Training.

She was instrumental in facilitating FSRH membership of the joint FPH and BMA Public Health Medicine Consultative Committee, where top-level issues affecting public health are discussed by senior representatives of both organisations as well as key organisations that FSRH aims to influence such as the Association of Directors of Public Health. As members of this Committee, FSRH supported the development of the Committee’s principles for the reform of the public health system, successfully embedding SRH into those principles.

Under Maggie’s presidency the relationship between FPH and FSRH has strengthened. She facilitated endorsement, by FPH, of the joint position on holistic integrated SRH commissioning, a policy position that formed the basis of FSRH influencing work on commissioning in 2019-2020. She joined us in meetings with the former Minister of Public Health and Primary Care to advocate on behalf of FSRH.

Maggie also enabled FPH to become an official supporter of the Sexual Health, Reproductive Health & HIV Policy eBulletin, a go-to source for resources on SRH which enables individuals and organisations in clinical services, public health, commissioning, primary care and other related areas to keep informed of key SRH policy developments.

Most recently she has supported the development of the FSRH Hatfield Vision, providing feedback during its development and supporting official FPH endorsement of the Vision.

In recognition and celebration of her long career working to improve the health of communities, and particularly their sexual and reproductive health, we are delighted to award her the Honorary Fellowship of the Faculty of Sexual and Reproductive Healthcare.

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