Funding SRH research

Posted 12 January 2023

Date: 12 Jan 2023

Type: FSRH News and Information

We are delighted to announce that in 2023 the FSRH will be investing directly in sexual and reproductive healthcare (SRH) research.

Working in partnership with the Wellbeing of Women and joining their annual grant awards scheme, the FSRH is co-funding two Entry Level Scholarships.

These awards will fund pre-doctoral researchers in a basic science, clinical or translational research project in SRH, to improve evidence-based practice and ultimately lead to better outcomes for women and girls. Awards are intended to provide ‘pump-priming’ funds to enable professionals involved in SRH to be exposed to a research environment and to obtain pilot data that could enhance an application for a research fellowship (PhD or MD). Project proposals will be expected to be in line with the aims of the FSRH Hatfield Vision.

The awards process, which is run by the Wellbeing of Women and will involve representatives from the FSRH Research Group, will commence later in 2023 and we will update members with further details.

Dr Helen Munro

“This is an extremely positive step for the FSRH in directly funding the advancement of research in SRH and is part of our commitment to develop academic opportunities. We look forward to working with the Wellbeing of Women and will keep our membership informed of progress.”

Dr Helen Munro, Vice President, Clinical Quality