FSRH’s Clinical guidelines – NICE accreditation renewed

Posted 28 June 2018

Date: 28 Jun 2018

Type: FSRH News and Information

NICE renewal confirmed.

The FSRH’s clinical guidelines are developed by FSRH’s Clinical Effectiveness Unit. The CEU involves clinician members, topic experts and patient representatives in the development of FSRH clinical guidelines working to a defined process outlined by NICE, to produce our range of evidence-based guidelines.

The renewal report said:

“The assessment found that the scope and purpose of the guidance is clear, and that development is multidisciplinary including relevant professionals, lay people and target users. Evidence is gathered and appraised systematically and it is clear how recommendations are developed, taking benefits and risks into account. Guidance is subject to external peer review and public consultation, and there are clear processes for reviewing and updating. 

The guidance provides clear recommendations and any options in a format suitable for the target audience. Support tools and audit points are provided in the guidance. Barriers to implementation are considered during development and have recently been added as explicit discussion points in the guidance template, but this has not been fully implemented yet. Development is editorially independent from any external funding source and all those involved must declare any interests, which are managed according to an appropriate policy. Overall the possibility of bias is accounted for.”

The renewal process has highlighted a couple of areas for improvements (relating to improving patient engagement and implementation of guideline recommendations) that the CEU has already addressed and will be evidenced in future guidelines. The CEU will continue to reflect on the development process to ensure that FSRH Clinical Guidelines are produced at the highest standards set out by NICE.

You can access our clinical guidance on our website any time here.