FSRH submission to the Department for Communities and Local Government’s consultation on 100% Business Rate Retention

Posted 27 September 2016

Date: 27 Sep 2016

Type: FSRH Consultation Responses

FSRH considers the proposal of funding public health through 100% business rate retention and inputs into the Fair Funding Review.

In this consultation, FSRH outlines its belief that, as a vital healthcare spend, public health should not be funded by 100% business rate retention. FSRH is concerned that variance of local tax yield may negatively impact on public health service delivery, potentially worsening health outcomes and compounding health inequalities.

However, in the event that the public health grant is replaced by 100% business rate retention, FSRH uses the Fair Funding Review as an opportunity to outline its views on how best to measure relative need in public health and SRH to ensure equitable distribution of funding.

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