FSRH responds to Equal Health Policy Survey by Women’s Equality Party

Posted 5 May 2017

Date: 05 May 2017

Type: FSRH Consultation Responses

FSRH has responded to the Equal Health Policy Survey launched by the Equal Health Policy Committee of the Women’s Equality Party. The survey sought to capture the ideas and suggestions of women across sectors in regards to key policy issues in health inequalities.

The Equal Health Policy Committee of the Women’s Equality Party has launched a survey to gather women’s views on primary policy issues concerning health inequalities.

FSRH’s response has highlighted the challenges of unequal access to sexual and reproductive health care, especially contraceptive services, based on different types of discrimination, such as age, disability, gender and geographic location. FSRH has emphasized the need for all healthcare professionals working in SRH to have the training and support they need to offer non-judgemental care and feel empowered to report evidence of harassment, stigma or judgement. Furthermore, FSRH has stressed that cuts to the public health budget in the UK threaten to restrict quality of, and access to, contraceptive care. Finally, FSRH’s External Affairs & Standards team took part in the Committee’s first working group webinar to discuss planning for policy development contributions and co-ordination.