FSRH is recruiting a new Chair for the Sexual and Reproductive Health Clinical Studies Group

Posted 17 July 2017

Date: 17 Jul 2017

Type: FSRH News and Information

The Sexual and Reproductive Health Clinical Studies Group (SRH-CSG) facilitates a multidisciplinary research network in SRH in the UK, providing leadership in research within the SRH community

FSRH is recruiting a new Chair for the SRH Clinical Studies Group (SRH-CSG), a multidisciplinary research network for research in SRH in the UK. The aim of the SRH-CSG is to provide leadership in SRH research, with a special focus on women’s reproductive health. The role of the SRH-CSG entails developing and overseeing an approved portfolio of studies in SRH; proposing and developing well-designed studies, including trials; assessing studies proposed by members of the group and others; providing specific advice to researchers and ensuring consumer involvement.

The full CSG holds two face-to-face meetings per year. Different constituencies are represented in its membership, such as UK researchers, international collaborators, consumers, ex officio members, funding bodies, the pharmaceutical industry, among others. All activity is supported by an SRH-CSG administrator.

The SRH-CSG Chair is a member of the Executive, which is responsible for coordinating the activities of the group. Executive members are expected to attend all meetings and contribute to the maintenance and further development of its research portfolio by: 

  • Actively engaging with studies within the group's portfolio, for instance, through offering information and advice to collaborators, presenting findings as appropriate and drafting grant applications
  • Identifying existing high-quality studies that should be adopted by the group
  • Generating ideas for new trials, which may involve working with the Cochrane Collaboration
  • Contributing to the development of high quality applications through the review of research ideas and protocols submitted to the group
  • Providing expert advice to potential funding bodies and the wider clinical SRH community as required
  • Taking forward the results of a previous collaborative research project, the Contraception Priority Setting Partnership (Contraception PSP)

Qualities required

Candidates should have a track record of participation in research in SRH, with the ability to demonstrate:

• Experience of collaborative clinical research in a leadership capacity
• Success in recruitment into national studies
• Evidence of publications and presentations nationally/internationally
• Links with other SRH researchers
• An enthusiasm and commitment to developing research into SRH
• Readiness to maintain commercial confidentiality when working with the pharmaceutical industry and to declare conflicts of interest


Please note, the deadline for applications has now closed.