FSRH publishes new guidance: Recommended actions after incorrect use of Combined Hormonal Contraception (March 2020)

Posted 16 March 2020

Date: 16 Mar 2020

Type: FSRH Clinical Guidance and Clinical Statements

This new FSRH clinical guidance Recommended Actions after Incorrect Use of Combined Hormonal Contraception (e.g. late or missed pills, ring and patch) (March 2020) has been developed by the FSRH and brings together evidence and expert opinion on recommended actions after incorrect use of combined hormonal contraception (CHC).

Missing CHC removes the suppressive effects of contraceptive steroids on ovarian follicle growth thereby risking ovulation and conception. This document provides guidance on incorrect use of: combined oral contraceptive pills, the combined vaginal ring, and the combined transdermal patch. The guideline was developed with a team of international experts and has been extensively peer reviewed in accordance with methodology used for developing FSRH Clinical Guidelines.


The guidance is intended for use by health professionals working in SRH, general practice and obstetric and gynaecology settings, and can also be used by women using CHC.

FSRH CEU recommends that if an individual is making mistakes with CHC use, they may wish to consider using an alternative effective contraceptive method that does not rely on pills being taken or patches or rings being changed correctly.

Read and download the guidance here or from the link below.