FSRH publishes new guidance and policy position: Restoration of SRH Services during Covid-19

Posted 10 June 2020

Date: 10 Jun 2020

Type: FSRH Press Releases and Statements

The guidance and policy position provide recommendations on which services should be prioritised in the restoration of SRH services. It also outlines what has worked well during strict lockdown and should remain in place beyond the pandemic; for instance, the need for a variety of modalities of consultation to meet the SRH care needs of all, including the most vulnerable. The guidance is aimed at decision-makers, commissioners, service managers and healthcare professionals.

The new guidance includes:

  • General principles for restoring services
  • Priority groups and vulnerable populations
  • Essential services and suggested approaches for recovery phases
  • Positive changes that should remain during and post COVID-19
  • Service provision beyond the pandemic

Differing forms of social distancing will remain in place for a number of months to come. Hence, the need for restoring SRH services should be balanced with the continuing need to protect patients and the NHS from risk of Covid-19 infection. Albeit challenging, balancing infection risk will be essential to ensure that vulnerable groups are able to access the care they need. It is also vital to recognise that different approaches will be needed across the UK nations.

We believe the post-pandemic landscape offers significant opportunities to tackle the SRH commissioning challenge that has hindered the delivery of effective person-centred SRH care in England. To enable positive change to remain once the health and social care system is stabilised, we will need to go further than restoration, effectively rehabilitating the fractured commissioning of SRH services. 

To read the guidance, click here.

To read the full policy position, click here.