FSRH submits feedback to Public Health England’s Reproductive Health Consensus Statement

Posted 14 July 2017

Date: 14 Jul 2017

Type: FSRH Consultation Responses

FSRH has submitted feedback to Public Health England’s draft Reproductive Health Consensus Statement. FSRH very much welcomes this process to build consensus on reproductive health across the Public Health System which we feel is long overdue.

In its Vision, FSRH combines two World Health Organisation (WHO) definitions to describe sexual and reproductive health (SRH) that broadly encapsulate the six pillars of reproductive health proposed in the consensus statement document. The six pillars are reflective of FSRH’s Vision and principles of good SRH care, which encompass supporting sexual and reproductive wellbeing; empowering people to lead healthy and fulfilling lives; placing patients at the heart of care; breaking down institutional and medical boundaries; delivering SRH by highly-trained professionals with the right competency and experience; among others.

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