FSRH recommendations included in Health Devolution Commission final report

Posted 4 September 2020

Date: 04 Sep 2020

Type: FSRH News and Information

The Health Devolution Commission has published its final report on the value and accountability of devolved health systems. The report includes FSRH recommendations for successful health devolution in relation to fragmentation of Sexual and Reproductive Healthcare (SRH) services, the need for accountability, and the need for collaborative commissioning.

In our response to the Health Devolution Commission inquiry, we proposed that the success of devolution for SRH services depends on adequate funding, clear lines of accountability, and the co-commissioning of services. We suggested that devolution of healthcare provides the opportunity for NHSE, CCGs and local authorities to deliver an integrated approach to commissioning by ending the fragmentation of services and ensuring that women can get their SRH needs met in one place.

To read the Health Devolution Commission final report, click here.