FSRH participates in Abortion Clinic Buffer Zones Summit

Posted 4 July 2022

Date: 04 Jul 2022

Type: FSRH News and Information

Last week, alongside partners from across the reproductive healthcare community, FSRH took part in an Abortion Clinic Buffer Zones Summit – Chaired by Nicola Sturgeon MSP, First Minister of Scotland – to discuss plans to develop buffer zones outside clinics across Scotland.

Having championed the need to implement buffer zones across the UK for many years, FSRH strongly welcomes the Scottish Government’s position to support national legislation on this issue. The Faculty is also pleased with the agreement reached during the meeting that partners must work in collaboration to establish buffer zones across Scotland and that steps are being taken to explore interim measures to protect women accessing care in the absence of national legislation.

FSRH strongly believes that buffer zones are critical not only to ensure that women in Scotland are able to safety access this essential form of healthcare, but also to end the intimidation of staff who are providing lawful and necessary sexual and reproductive healthcare service.

Following on from this constructive meeting, FSRH will continue to engage with the First Minister alongside providers, commissioners and community representatives to support efforts to protect women and healthcare staff in Scotland – with the aim of ensuring they are able to access abortion services free of harassment and intimidation.

Read FSRH’s Position Statement on Buffer Zones around Abortion Clinics here.