FSRH Nurse Spotlight Award 2024

Posted 11 April 2024

Date: 11 Apr 2024

Type: FSRH News and Information

Welcome to the 2024 FSRH Nurse Spotlight Award, an initiative designed to recognise and celebrate the outstanding contributions of our nurse members to the field of sexual and reproductive healthcare.

At the heart of our healthcare system, nurses play a vital role in providing highly skilled care and support to patients. The expertise and dedication of our nurse members is crucial in ensuring that individuals have access to high-quality sexual and reproductive healthcare. 

The FSRH Nurse Spotlight Award shines a light on the exceptional work of nurses in this field. We want to acknowledge their hard work, innovation, and commitment to improving patient outcomes. By recognising and celebrating the achievements of outstanding nurses, we hope to inspire others to follow in their footsteps and continue to drive excellence in sexual and reproductive healthcare. 

The award is open to all FSRH nurse members working in the field of sexual and reproductive healthcare, from those just starting their career to those with years of experience. We are looking for nominees who have made a significant impact in their workplace or community, gone the extra mile, and demonstrated a commitment to improving patient care. 

Recipients of the award are nominated by another member, with the winner selected by our panel of judges. The Faculty will celebrate them and the winner will get a free ticket to a 2024 Hot Topic event of their choice.

If you know a nurse who deserves recognition for their exceptional work in sexual and reproductive healthcare, we encourage you to nominate them for the 2024 FSRH Nurse Spotlight Award. Together, let’s celebrate the invaluable contributions of nurses to sexual and reproductive healthcare and inspire others to strive for excellence in this vital field. Read more about last year's winners.

Nominate a nurse today and help us shine a spotlight on their achievements. 

Nominations close at 17:00 on Friday, 3 May 2024 and the winner announced later in May.

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