FSRH releases new guidance on SRH service provision during a second COVID-19 wave and beyond

Posted 12 October 2020

Date: 12 Oct 2020

Type: Covid-19 (Coronavirus)

The new guidance is aimed at healthcare professionals and commissioners across the UK. It outlines essential services that must remain available to women during and past the pandemic as well as recommendations on delivering services and prioritising patients.

Essential services

  • Provision of effective contraception and abortion care remains essential during and beyond the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Clear, up-to-date provision of information for patients requiring SRH care, including what services are available and how these can be accessed
  • Emergency contraception (oral and the copper intrauterine device - IUD)
  • Provision of new contraceptive methods and support for ongoing contraception, including Long-Acting Reversible Contraception (LARCs)
  • Contraception provision for vulnerable groups
  • Management of complications with existing contraception including LARC
  • Abortion and post-abortion care
  • Post-pregnancy contraception including LARC
  • Management of the menopause
  • Sexual assault care

The guidance recommends a flexible, realistic approach according to changes in local prevalence of COVID-19 and the resulting risk of COVID-19 transmission associated with face-to-face procedures, changes in Government policy and service/workforce capacity.

Download it here.