FSRH National Audit on Combined Hormonal Contraception Service Provision: Final Report Published

Posted 9 March 2020

Date: 09 Mar 2020

Type: FSRH News and Information

The aim of the FSRH National Benchmarking Audit is to provide an electronic tool, as a members’ benefit, to support individual members to audit the sexual and reproductive services they offer. It is primarily focused on primary care but is also reproducible in specialist services and voluntary agencies. A final report on the National Audit has been published.

FSRH members were invited to participate in the National Audit which ran from August to November 2019. Complete datasets were received for 58 services.

Four auditable standards were selected for services providing combined hormonal contraception to benchmark their practice against other services in the UK. These are…

In women prescribed CHC, what percentage of women...

1. had their body mass index (BMI) documented?
2. had their blood pressure (BP) documented?
3. was informed about the effectiveness (with both typical and perfect use) of CHC and other contraceptive methods, including the superior effectiveness of LARC?
4. was informed about the health risks associated with use of CHC?

The final report will provide an overview of the development of the National Audit, presentation of the key findings from the National Audit and a reflection on the learning gathered from participant’s feedback.

Download this report in full.