FSRH launches UK MEC 2016

Posted 5 August 2016

Date: 05 Aug 2016

Type: FSRH News and Information

FSRH launches its updated and now fully-digital UK MEC – the authoritative, ‘go-to’ reference for clinicians providing contraceptives safely across the life course.

Today sees FSRH officially launch the UK MEC 2016.

The UK MEC helps clinicians decide what contraceptives they are able to safely recommend based on the medical conditions of patients in their care.
This key guidance is informed by robust and up-to-date evidence on when contraceptives can and cannot be safely used. Where evidence was lacking, FSRH took care to obtain professional input from leading UK experts in each relevant field.

The 2016 edition has been carefully constructed for clinicians living and working in a ‘one-click’, digital age. Clinicians are able to access a searchable online version of the UKMEC. The new online UKMEC facilitates effortless navigation, with features that cross reference the UK MEC with other clinical guidance documents. All FSRH members are able to download and print the UK MEC 2016 for free as an exclusive member benefit.

Dr Anne Connolly, Vice President of FSRH and Chair of the Primary Care Women’s Health Forum said:

‘The UK MEC is a great resource for clinicians working across all contraceptive care settings. In order to provide the highest quality contraceptive care, all medical and allied healthcare professionals must be able to cater to each woman’s individual needs with confidence - the updated UK MEC enables us to do just that. Whatever the care setting, community service, integrated service, maternity service or primary care, the UK MEC is an invaluable tool for delivering high quality, safe, contraceptive care.’

Dr Helen Stokes-Lampard, spokesperson on women’s health for the RCGP, said:
‘With 80% of women accessing advice on contraception in general practice, the UK MEC promises to be an invaluable tool for GPs and our teams in order to provide appropriate contraception for our patients in a safe and timely manner.
‘At a time when GPs are facing intense workload pressures, the UK MEC will support GPs and give them the confidence that the contraceptive care they are providing is safe and tailored to the individual needs of the patient.’