FSRH launches plan of implementation for FSRH Vision in Wales

Posted 18 April 2019

Date: 18 Apr 2019

Type: FSRH News and Information

FSRH has published “Better care, a better future: Implementing our Vision for Sexual and Reproductive Healthcare in Wales”, a plan that offers practical solutions to help those involved in service planning and delivery to guarantee that standards of care are upheld across the nation, supporting the implementation of our Vision for improved sexual and reproductive health (SRH) care for all in Wales.

The plan was developed by the FSRH Wales Committee based on a shared understanding that, despite much progress including the publication of the Review of Sexual Health in Wales 2017/18, challenges in SRH provision in primary care and integrated services remain a reality.

It was launched at a roundtable dinner in Cardiff, Wales, attended by SRH clinicians, Assembly Members (AMs), representatives from Government bodies and SRH sector organisations in late 2018. Keynote speakers included the Wales Chief Medical Officer (CMO), Dr Frank Atherton, and Zoë Couzens, lead author of the Review of Sexual Health and Principal in Public Health at Public Health Wales.

Wales CMO Dr Frank Atherton praised FSRH’s Vision document, noting that evidence-based work is a common strength between FSRH and Public Health Wales and the need for collaboration. Zoë Couzens spoke about the focus by Public Health Wales on implementing the nine recommendations put forward in the Review. Couzens acknowledged the sector is acutely aware of the inequalities evidenced by the Review and is looking into how technology can help address them.

Challenges to SRH care in Wales were also addressed by Dr Amanda Davies, Chair of the FSRH Wales Committee, who spoke about the shortage of Consultants in certain geographic areas as well as a strong need for investment in training to tackle the small number of Specialty trainees.

Zoe Couzens

Zoë Couzens, Principal in Public Health at Public Health Wales, and Dr Amanda Davies, Chair of the FSRH Wales Committee 

The event finished with participants making pledges to work towards improving different aspects of SRH care in Wales such as training in post-partum contraception; integrating SRH care into midwifery; training for oral contraception provision in pharmacies; raising SRH issues at the National Assembly; and many more.