FSRH joins Thriving Together campaign

Posted 15 July 2019

Date: 15 Jul 2019

Type: FSRH News and Information

We have joined over 150 leading environmental and reproductive health organisations working in over 170 countries to support "Thriving Together". Organisations that have signed up to the Thriving Together campaign form a diverse global alliance united by the agreement that improving access to family planning is critically important for the environment and biodiversity.

We agree that whether working in healthcare or environmental conservation, through sharing information and working together on strategic projects and policies, we can help human communities and their ecosystems thrive. Successful biodiversity conservation requires taking people, our health and our interactions with the natural world into account.

Increasing human pressures are among the many challenges facing planetary health. By harming ecosystems, people undermine food and water security and human health as well as threatening habitats and species. Ensuring family planning is available to all who seek it is among the positive actions organisations must take to lessen these pressures.

Women should be able to decide for themselves, whether, when, how often and with whom to bring children into the world. Family planning contributes to women’s empowerment, improves family and general health, advances education and life opportunities and eases pressures on wildlife and ecosystems. 

The Thriving Together campaign is spearheaded by the Margaret Pyke Trust, which has over 50 years’ experience of family planning and is the only member of the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) with this expertise.