FSRH Intrauterine Contraception National Benchmarking Audit: Final Report (2023)

Posted 3 January 2024

Date: 03 Jan 2024

Type: FSRH News and Information

FSRH CEU reports on the findings of the Intrauterine contraception (IUC) National Benchmarking Audit 2023.

Completed datasets were received for 64 services, including 53 from specialist services (e.g. SRH/ CASH/ GUM/ Hospital) and 11 from General Practice. The majority of participating services were based in England (n= 59) with a small number based in Wales (n=4) and Scotland (n=1) and none from Northern Ireland. A total of 3,870 cases were included in this audit.

The report analyses the five auditable standards selected for services providing IUC to benchmark their practice against other services in the UK.

  1. 100% of healthcare practitioners undertaking intrauterine contraception (IUC) insertion have been appropriately trained and have up-to-date FSRH certification or have maintained local accreditation through agreed local pathways.
  2. Prior to insertion, 100% of IUC users have been given information about the expected changes in bleeding pattern with an IUC.
  3. 100% of individuals having IUC inserted should be made aware of the anaesthetic/analgesia options available.
  4. Following insertion, 100% of individuals should be given information on the device inserted, including the name of the device, its duration of use and whether it can be relied upon immediately for contraception or if other precautions are required.
  5. 100% of individuals should be advised how and when to check their threads and when to seek review (e.g. threads are not palpable, thread length becomes shorter or longer, the stem of the device is felt or the user has concerns).

The report and our latest FSRH Clinical Guideline Intrauterine Contraception (2023) can be downloaded for free at the foot of this news story.