FSRH Essentials: Supporting your practice

Posted 17 May 2023

Date: 17 May 2023

Type: FSRH News and Information

"As your Vice President of General Training, I’m delighted to let you know that we’re now able to bring you more of our highly popular FSRH Essentials half-day, online or in-person courses designed to boost your practice and help you support your patients and clients.

Dr Cindy Farmer - Vice President of General TrainingFSRH Essentials are some of the most impactful and highly regarded courses we offer, with 98% of those attending a course saying that they would recommend them to a co-worker, and earning an average of 4.7 out of 5 stars for improving the clinical practice of attendees.

I believe they represent a fantastic investment in your practice, and in the health and wellbeing of all the individuals that we support.”

Dr Cindy Farmer
FSRH Vice President, General Training

Selected upcoming FSRH Essentials courses:

FSRH Essential Contraception for Abortion Care Providers

FSRH Essentials – key benefits:

Building your expertise  - The FSRH Essentials Courses have gained widespread recognition for their comprehensive and up-to-date curriculum, equipping healthcare professionals like you with the essential knowledge and skills required for delivering high-quality care. The courses are designed to cater to diverse professional backgrounds and experience levels, ensuring accessibility for a wide range of practitioners.

“Definitely one of the best courses I have attended! Crammed with information and the speakers were incredibly knowledgeable in the field.”

FSRH Essentials course attendee

Enhancing your practice - One of the key advantages of the FSRH Essentials Courses is their comprehensive coverage of crucial topics within sexual and reproductive health. Covering contraception, primary care, abortion care and menopause, the courses provide a deep understanding of reproductive health needs and evidence-based practices. You’ll gain insights into the latest research, guidelines, and recommendations, ensuring that your practice aligns with current best practices.

“The class was very interactive and fun, facilitators were great at answering all the questions our group had. Couldn't praise it enough.”

FSRH Essentials course attendee

Improving your patient outcomes and satisfaction - The impact of the FSRH Essentials Courses extends far beyond the healthcare professional. By equipping you with advanced knowledge and skills, the courses contribute to improved patient outcomes. Gain the confidence and competence necessary to provide personalised care, address complex challenges, and support individuals in making informed choices about their sexual and reproductive health.

“Really good course - reassured me that current menopause practice is consistent with best practice and learned some useful new things”

FSRH Essentials course attendee

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