FSRH endorses The Lowdown Missed Pill Calculator

Posted 31 October 2022

Date: 31 Oct 2022

Type: FSRH News and Information

We are delighted to announce our endorsement of The Lowdown Missed Pill Calculator; an innovative digital tool to help women and girls better understand what to do if they miss taking a combined or progestogen-only pill on time.

The Lowdown is a contraception review platform and community that provides women with user generated data and medically reviewed content to help inform their reproductive healthcare decisions. 
The calculator has been built using FSRH guidelines in order to provide evidence-based information to those who have missed taking their contraceptive pill. As part of our mission of high quality sexual and reproductive healthcare for all, we are pleased to be endorsing this excellent tool, which is subject to regular clinical review and will now involve quality assurance checks by the FSRH so that users can be confident of the advice they’re receiving. 
Around 10,000 users have used the calculator in the last 12 months, and we very much hope that our working with The Lowdown will help to increase access to good quality information for women and girls to aid their decisions. The calculator makes clear that decisions regarding contraception choices should always include discussion with a healthcare professional and is not a substitute for taking medical advice.   

We look forward to working with The Lowdown.