FSRH Consultation Response: FSRH calls for holistic integrated commissioning of SRH services

Posted 26 March 2019

Date: 26 Mar 2019

Type: FSRH Consultation Responses

The Health and Social Care Committee (HSC) has launched an inquiry into the legislative proposals put forward to support the implementation of the NHS long-term plan. In our submission, we focused on the indication, in the NHS plan, of a review to consider a stronger role for the NHS in commissioning sexual health services. We strongly recommended that any review of SRH commissioning responsibility should focus on women’s health.

We made the case for SRH care to be more broadly integrated into women’s healthcare pathways in the NHS. Holistic SRH care means integrating care around the needs of the individual, not institutional silos, with individuals able to get integrated, holistic advice and support across the breadth of SRH and lifecourse.

In particular, we support any move towards establishing a more collaborative, co-ordinated and joined-up health and care system. This is because since the 2012 Health & Social Care Act came into force, there has been inherent system fracture, which has meant that holistic care for women has been effectively blocked.

Download our response below and read more about HSC inquiry here.