FSRH consultation response: FSRH Diploma meets requirements of the proposed GP curriculum

Posted 1 July 2018

Date: 01 Jul 2018

Type: FSRH Consultation Responses

FSRH welcomes the opportunity to respond to the consultation on a new version of the GP Curriculum by the Royal College of General Practitioners (RCGP). FSRH is pleased to acknowledge that both its Diploma review and RCGP’s specialty curriculum review are aligned and share synergies in covered topics.

RCGP is a key partner of the Faculty, and the consultation on the curriculum review is very timely in that it coincides with FSRH’s own Diploma curriculum review being undertaken this year. The FSRH Diploma (DFSRH) is a qualification aimed at doctors and nurses who are working in general practice and in community and integrated SRH services.

The FSRH Diploma demonstrates that individuals can provide safe and effective SRH care across care settings. In our response, we covered issues affecting SRH training for GP trainees and the synergies between both curricula. Some of the key points and recommendations are:

  • The Topic Guide on Sexual Health sign-posts trainees to FSRH training and qualifications such as the Diploma and Letters of Competence in Subdermal Implants (LoC SDI) and Intrauterine Techniques (LoC IUT), which is very welcome. It also recommends work-based learning, which is an approach espoused by FSRH and which will be part of the Diploma review.
  • Whilst the GP curriculum signposts trainees to these FSRH qualifications in the Topic Guide on "Sexual Health", FSRH strongly believes that trainees would be well-supported in their learning on reproductive health if also sign-posted to the Diploma and LoCs in the Topic Guides on “Maternity and Reproductive Health” and “Gynaecology and Breast”.
  • FSRH’s Special Skills Module (SSM) on Menopause Management would enhance the learning about the menopauses as outlined in the Topic Guide on Gynaecology and Breast.
  • While standards on mental health, older people, dermatology and other areas are mentioned in the GP curriculum, there is no reference to service/quality standards and guidelines in SRH, which FSRH believes is a serious omission. FSRH strongly recommends that trainees are made aware of FSRH’s service/quality standards and guidelines, which are free to access on the FSRH website.
  • FSRH supports RCGP’s recommendation on placements in SRH services so that trainees can gain experience with specific population groups. FSRH believes that when trainees do not have a dedicated sexual and reproductive health placement, that they should be highly-encouraged by supervisors to do so.
  • FSRH also strongly welcomes the inclusion of pre-conception counselling and post-natal contraception in the “Maternity and Reproductive Health” Topic Guide.
  • FSRH strongly welcomes the focus on leadership and holistic, integrated care throughout the curriculum.

You can download the full response below.